The contract of social hiring at the present time is in all cases provide municipal housing to citizens for permanent residence (for example, in the case of the provision of housing with better living conditions). However, if you live in public housing for quite a long time, it is likely that the contract of social hiring you, but there is an ordinary order – one that affirms the right of residence in the Soviet times.
Of course, if you have a warrant, but there is no agreement, you will not be evicted, but when you desire to privatize public housing or submit it in the sublease, without the agreement of social hiring can not do, so it is better to still register in advance.
In order to conclude the contract of social hiring, you will have to contact the Department of housing or his unit in your municipality. When you call you will need to make a statement in free form to verify your identity and the identity of all family members and documented relationships with all specified in the application (this uses birth certificates, marriage and other documents), and to attach order, or other document on the basis of which the citizen was the universe in this house.
After checking the correctness of drawing up the application and preparation of documents, request for preparation of the contract of social hiring will be registered, and employees of the Department will Orient you on the timing of the receipt of the finished document.