You will need
  • with the support of the second line.
To connect the second line in your phone call technical support of your mobile operator and connect the call waiting service. In this case, during your conversation with one person call from the other will be in standby mode, you will be able to make a call on the second line independently, without interrupting the first call.
Please note that during the conversation, you can switch between the subscribers. Also in some cases of true connection is a conference connection. Also, when using the second line you have reduced the number of opportunities to miss an important call, especially if you have caller ID. This service also connects the operator or local office of the CTA.
To connect the second line to your landline phone, please contact service office provider of telephony services with the relevant requirements documents. Fill in the application form, a sample of which you can find in the waiting room, and wait for the processing of your application, after which your phone will be connected to the second line.
Make sure that your handset supports such a mode of conversation, if not, buy a new landline phone that supports a conversation on two lines. These can be bought in the salons of cellular communication and points of sale of household appliances.
In order to connect the two active SIM-cards, purchase special telephone. In this case, note that some of them just have in its construction the adapter for the second SIM card, and between them has to switch. The newer models support both cards operators at the same time. Set the call parameters in the relevant menu.