You will need
  • - extract from a case history with the results of the surveys;
  • - direction;
  • - passport;
  • - the pension insurance certificate;
  • - medical insurance policy;
  • - a statement.
Please contact your doctor. If you have been sick with diabetes, then the doctor knows all about your illness and the card you have stamped on the courses of treatment. Diabetes is the specificity of the endocrinologist, but the direction on mediko-the social expert Commission prescribes primary care physician, as with all areas of the survey that will be required for consideration of the question of disability.
You will write directions for common tests and analyses on the level of sugar in the blood and urine with load and without load, ECG, examination of all organs that have suffered as a result of the increased sugar level.
After passing all the necessary examinations refer back to the therapist. The doctor will make all survey results in the map that you will submit to the Commission, and will also make a statement of your health history briefly describe the duration of the disease and passed courses of treatment in outpatient and inpatient settings. You will receive direction. Sign it at the chief physician of the polyclinic and set a square and stamp the company seal at the reception.
All the tests are valid for 14 days, so during this period you need to have time to get on Board, otherwise you will have to pass the tests.
When contacting the Commission write a statement to present the passport, the insurance pension certificate, medical, poly, direction, extract from the medical history, as results of tests and examinations.
Based on the results, after a personal conversation with you, the Commission decides what kind of disability you provide. Disability depends on the extent of involvement of different organs and how you have lost the efficiency.
According to the Government decree 95 and the order of the health Ministry 1013, insulin-dependent diabetes is assigned to an indefinite group of disability if the result of a disease partly or completely lost working capacity.