When you give a disability

Disabled after a heart attack admit patients with signs of congestive heart failure and daily angina, not amenable to therapy, they prescribe the disability of the first group. The second group of patients are given after a heart attack and bypass surgery, as well as significant violations of the functions of the heart and the hidden heart failure. Such people admit limited able-bodied and can work with minimal physical activity provided supportive therapy.

The third group of disability is assigned to patients with moderate and minor disorders of the heart that does not allow them to engage in usual activities. Workers lung and mental work after a successful post-infarction rehabilitation can accept a fully able-bodied.

After a stroke, the first group of disability is given to patients incapable of self-care and constantly in need of supervision or assistance. This group also includes partially capable of self-care patients requiring life-saving social functions. The second group is assigned after a stroke, patients with persistent severe functional disorders in the body, but with preserved ability to self-service. The third group give patients with disorders of moderate severity and moderate severe disabilities.

Of disability

The right to receive a documented disability, every person has a stroke or heart attack and received appropriate medical evidence. For this purpose, a special medical examination (VTEK), which establishes the patient's condition, assess his capacity and assigns limitations on physical activity. Thus the procedure of reexamination must be held every year if the disability is not appointed for life. Also the re-examination can cancel men over 60 and women over 50 years old.

After conclusion of the examination of Medico-social expert Commission, the patient should place the results of the survey in writing and to attach them to the direction together with the passport, medical card, statement and statement history. After that, the man who has had a myocardial infarction or stroke, is assigned a respective group of disability.