You will need
  • Car, access to the Internet, the ability to look for the right information, filtering out the "garbage" and, of course, a bit of patience.
Open the hood. You should find on the body engine digit-letter a sticker or a stamp that looks like this: 4JGBB86E26A017269. This number (the VIN) incorporated information about absolutely all the main technical characteristics of the car. In particular, the working volume of the engine.
How to determine the amount of <strong>engine</strong>
Rewrite the number on the paper and go for a computer connected to the Internet.
Today at the VIN to find all the data about your car really easy and quickly. Go to any search engine and type in a search query, for example: "VIN number". Next, you will need the ability to highlight important, eliminating the unnecessary. Among other information you will find information about the volume of the engine.