You will need
  • the data sheet of the machine;
  • knowledge about the structure of the engine
To determine the amount of engine and correctly calculate, you need to know how, in principle, arranged in the motor vehicle. The task engine is to convert thermal energy produced by the combustion process in the cylinders, into mechanical energy which, in fact, allows the machine to move.
How to calculate the volume of <strong>engine</strong>
Cylinders in avtodvigatel ' several. They are placed in a single unit, within which further installed the pistons. And that's all this system determines your job is the volume of the motor. To calculate it, despite the apparent complexity, is quite simple. You need to know the technical parameters of "stuffing", that is cylinders and pistons, and then to assume a particular mathematical formula.
The formula used to calculate the volume of the engine, for example, for the four machines, as follows: V = 3,14 x N x D squared / 1000 (is the number of revolutions per minute at low and medium figures). In this formula the value of D determines the diameter of the piston of the engine, specified in millimeters, and H is the piston stroke in millimeters. For example, in cars the diameter of the piston is equal to 82.4 mm and stroke is 74,8 mm, then the V of the engine it will have the following: 3,14 x 74,8 x 82,4 82,4 x / 1000 = 1595 cubic centimeters. Accordingly, the capacity of this machine is average.
How to calculate the volume of <strong>engine</strong>
Volume is always either in cubic inches or in liters. Defining the working volume of the engine, we can safely classify all car groups: mini (volume of 1.4 liters), Audi (1.2-1.7 liters), sredneetazhnye (1,8-3,5 liters) and krupnosortnyj (over 3.5 litres). In most countries in the world indicators of the volume of the engine depends on the taxation and insurance. For example, in some European countries for more powerful cars (those that have a working volume of the engine more than 2,000 cubic centimeters) is assumed to be paying higher tax.