You will need
  • Your car, connect to the Internet and a little patience.
Open the hood of the car and the cylinder head cover or other surfaces of the engine, locate the room. It will look like this: VIN WVWZZZ1HZSB139674. In this digit-letter designation of Latin incorporates the complete information about the configuration of your vehicle, including engine type.
Download all the code on a piece of paper and go for a computer connected to the Internet. The subject of your search will be a database of the make and model of your car, which contains information on decoding the VIN number of the car. Either you need to look for thematic forums and sites where you will be able to ask a question about VIN decoding.
Now you will need a lot of patience. Be prepared that you will have to spend quite laborious searches and may visit dozens of sites while you do not succeed.
When you find information, you need to carefully recheck all the data. You must be sure that the VIN decoding actually corresponds to the options of your car. This applies to search query (the VIN number should be entered exactly), and compliance with decrypt the actual configuration of your car.