If you are going to calculate the horse power of your car, use the Russian and European system of measurement. There is one "horse" is defined as 75 kg x m/s. translations of scientific measurement, this means that one horsepower equals power, which is enough to lift a weight of 75 kg to a height of 1 meter in 1 second of time. Also "horses" are transferred even in the kilowatts. According to this translation 1 HP equals 735,5 W or 0,735 kW. But the maximum speed that can develop an ordinary horse, called boiler horsepower.
In accordance with this it is possible to obtain capacity values by translation. For example, if vehicle power is specified in kilowatts, for the "horses" have the specified value in kW divided by 0,735 and get the number of horsepower in this car.
One of the easiest ways on how you can calculate the engine power in horsepower (especially after tuning) is to go to the item maintenance or inspection. There is a special computer unit, which determine the number of "horses". For this you need to put the car on the platform of the device and press the pedal to the metal. For the time the machine runs, the computer mechanism will make all the necessary measurements and inform you the result.
For the sake of interest you can calculate not only the power of the car, but your own. To correctly make calculations, you need to measure the time (t), for which you will be able to run the stairs a certain height (h). Then the resulting values must be inserted into the formula: m x h/t. here m is the weight of your body. This humorous quiz will help you calculate how much you are hardy and quick in their movements. In addition, these amusing estimates can be great fun for a family night when you can for each family member to calculate its power.