You will need
  • calculator, scales, tables of the density of a substance
If the volume specified in cubic decimeters (dm3) the volume in litres expressed to the same number. So just change the unit of measure to dm3 litre (l).
Vл=Vдм3Для translation in liters volume, given in cubic meters (m3), multiply the specified numeric value to 1000.
Vл=Vм3*1000Чтобы translate in liters volume specified in cubic centimeters (cm3) or Millilitres (ml), divide the given numeric value to 1000.
Vл=Vcм3/1000=Vмл/1000.To calculate the volume in liters, if it is set to Dekaliters (l) or pails, multiply the number of deciliters 10:
If the amount specified in non-metric units (national or household), use the following instructions:If the unit of measure of known volume is the us gallon, to calculate the volume in liters, multiply by 3,7854. Similarly dealing with other volume units:U.S. quart – multiply by 0,9464;
a us gallon is 3,7854;
a us dry barrel – 115,6270;
American bushel – 35,2391;
us liquid barrel 119,2400;
the oil barrel is 158,9873;
the Imperial gallon – 4,5461;
Imperial quart – 1,1365;
Imperial pint 0,5683;
Imperial ounce 0,0284;
the American pint 0,4732;
American ounce 0,0296;
Imperial bushel – 36,3687;
teaspoon – 0,005;
tablespoon - 0.0148;
circle – of 1.23 (shareware);
glass – 0,2;
cubic inch is 0,0164;
cubic foot – 28,3168.
If the volume of the solid or liquid is unknown, calculate it using the following formula:
V=m*p, where:
V – the desired volume,
m is the mass of the body fluids or substances
p is its density.If the body weight is unknown, then determine its weighting. The density of matter find it in the table of density.
The resulting value of the volume will be in litersif the mass is specified in grams (g), and density is in grams per liter (g/l). In other cases, recalculate the volume in liters, using the above instructions.