You will need
  • Hair dye, shampoo
To begin, decide what color hair you want. It is very important that the color fit the color of your eyes, and there was a strong contrast with the color of the skin. To get rid of red hair color, it is recommended to choose ashy tone paint.
How to paint <b>red</b> <strong>hair</strong>
Next, you must decide how much paint to use. If you have short hair, you can simply buy one box, but if the hair long, better to buy two.
How to paint <b>red</b> <strong>hair</strong>
About a day before the procedure, try applying a small amount of paint on the skin to determine whether you are allergic to this dye.
In order not to stain your clothes, choose what you can throw on top. It is desirable to use cellophane. Hands need to wear gloves so that they are not stained.
How to paint <b>red</b> <strong>hair</strong>
Well dry hair before painting. Then apply the paint on the hair roots for 15 - 20 minutes and then distribute the paint throughout their length. Five minutes after this you need to wash your hair with shampoo.
How to paint <b>red</b> <strong>hair</strong>