You have to understand that describing yourself, you set certain criteria that other site visitors will judge you and how you can be interesting to them. It turns out that such criteria is a kind of barrier through which the selection will be. That is, you thereby specify the parameters that should have the people that will be of interest to you. Here a balance must be struck below, presenting himself as an ideal, not to be left without new friends and not to scare off new friends.
Whether we like it or not, but in their eyes we always look a little better than it really is, there is the factor of subjectivity. When describing yourself, try to be more objective. If you are describing the positive qualities you possess, describing yourself, you should really possess them, or at least to develop them.
Write in your response about himself, about those books that you read, the movies and music that you like. Even a brief mention of your preferences will allow you to correctly evaluate you to others. Those whose tastes coincide with yours, just interested in your CV.
Describe yourself, but the most truthful. If you post your picture, then it about your appearance, you can already make an impression, and that is not visible in the pictures, you can write. Can you describe your habits, preferences, what you like in men, what causes resentment and rejection.
Your characterization will become your hobby. Tell us about how you spend your free time, about your plans for the near future – where would you like to go to learn.
This feature will allow anyone to make you a fairly clear idea and you will be able, thanks to her, to meet with those who share your interests and Hobbies and maybe to postpone the acquaintance or friendship in real life.