What should I include in "about yourself"? What qualities are required?

In addition to the basic standard information about age, education, and other things, in summary it is necessary to tell about itself. This paragraph should indicate their personal qualities.
Of how well and correctly you will be able to present yourself using a resume, depends on the likelihood of the decision of the head to take you to work. The better you present, the higher the percentage.

Most people when drafting your CV it is hard to answer the question about what to write, so often they are just reckless miss the point. This should not be done, as it is information about your personal qualities can play a quite important and even decisive role.

Definitely worth to specify the number of mandatory qualities of what should have good. For example, it may be qualities such as:
- responsibility;
- discipline;
- high performance;
- good communication skills;
- diligence.
Important are personal qualities such as adequate attitude to criticism and the ability to compromise.

However, remember that when writing your CV do not specify all the positive qualities that may come to mind. Need to distinguish only a few basic. In this case, your task is to disclose the summary information about yourself so that the employer singled you out from the total mass of potential employees. If you wish, you can present your positive qualities in a more original form. However, it is important not to overdo it.

Specify only those personality traits which match you actually. If some of the qualities may not ascribe to themselves, it is better to remain silent. Otherwise, the employer will be able to accuse you that your information is untrue.

Additional quality

In addition to all these qualities can be included in a list of some unusual but eye-catching and important features. These include such qualities as:
- initiative;
- creativity;
- legkoobratimy;
- mobility;
- purposefulness;
- ability to handle stress.

With this list, your resume will have greater chances of success of the presentation of you as a potential employee.