Objectivity is the main standard

To describe self is quite difficult. When describing your character is important to remain objective: to measure narcissism and self-criticism. Importantly, no exaggeration or belittling their qualities, otherwise your self-awareness will be a large proportion of error. You should make every possible effort in order to look at ourselves. Here can help and close people – friends or relatives who know you.

Define your attitude to work. So you will understand not only hardworking or lazy you are, but how diligent, responsible, meticulous. Look at how you relate to others work. All this will help to make your professional portrait from the point of view of the need for labor in principle.

How do you feel about things? Look at the things around you. Do you lean? Petty? Do you value gifts? Or you are a supporter of minimalism and austerity? In General, which is your life, and a comfortable environment will help to establish some basic traits.

Why is it important to question "why"?

Describing the inner world, pay attention to the typical for your life situation. Remember the points that annoy you. Think, why is that? Look at what you like most: landscapes, weather, mood, people and different things in them – tone of voice, hair, smile, manicure and so on. Always ask yourself "why?" What makes you angry that, on the contrary, touches. It is important to think about their attitude to the opposite sex.

Examine your preferences in music, literature, painting, and describe their interests. Incidentally, they explain many things in a man. And, tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. Look at the people you consider friends. Maybe they will be the mirror of your soul?

Being introspective is not for you?

If the soul-searching turned out to be too much for you, infinite Duma plunge into depression, because the explanation of any features you can't find, try, use the special resources. Literature, psychology or a regular application with the tests on the definition and description of personality – that will help you to at least partially compartmentalize your character. Tests can be very different, so look at one character can be seen through the prism of, for example, archetypes, personality types, even the characters favorite books or movies! A lot of models, but they are not a panacea.