You will need
  • To write an essay of this type you can use interesting materials or programs. For example, as a material it is possible to use already written by other people works of this type in order to capture their structure. If the person does not have skills of writing essays or other compositions, it will be more difficult to cope with this problem.
To start an essay about yourself can be when will be ready a clear plan. On the sheet of paper you should determine how many chapters and what will be your work.

The expected version of the plan might look as follows:

Entry. Here you can include a story about a family in which a person was born and about his first years of life.
The main part of the works shall consist of the disclosure of the character of a person, when describing situations. After all, just listing all the advantages and disadvantages of the character without certain situations can get boring and chaotic text. In the main part also needs to reveal the main theme. That is to describe the facts that most characterize you as an individual. It should also determine who you want to show in the essay, for example, myself as a wife, as a man, as an employee or a little of everything.
The final part of the work on yourself must be the result of all that is written. You can Express your opinion on own assessment of his character, or Express a desire something to change in yourself, but something to develop in order to live in greater harmony with the world and others.
When writing essays there is a risk of produce this unfinished story, it happens in the case when the person transfers a lot of its qualities that makes the various examples of the actions of his life, but not summarize. To avoid this several times to reread the essay to determine whether it managed to You to convey the idea that he wanted to create his creation.