Try for the interview to stay humble, but with dignity. Yes, you are actually acting in the role of petitioner. But don't ask for alms, and offer your labour, your skills, willingness to benefit and profit of the organization. So behave as a polite, educated person, knows his own worth.
Stay by himself. Talking about yourself, be honest. Don't try to take credit for nonexistent achievements, knowledge which you have actually not. Believe me, an experienced employer will immediately feel the lie, or, if you are hired, your incompetence in a particular matter will soon become clear. Then it will refer to the braggart and deceiver – the question is purely rhetorical, not requiring explanation.
Speak briefly, clearly, only on the merits. If you talk about your achievements at a previous job try to be as specific as possible. For example, "attracted so many new customers" or "Profits increased by a certain value". If your direct participation implemented new projects, introduced new types of activities – be sure to tell us about it.
Any fact relating to you personally't interpret in their favor. For example, if you are still young and not too experienced – talking about yourself, develop the potential for disturbance potential employer such arguments: "I am full of energy, energetic, I have good health, I prepared a lot and work hard, on a course to learn what you do not know!"
If you are a man of Mature age, stress experience, established contacts, Dating, the ability to understand people, to find common language with them, to negotiate. This is very important. In addition, any employer knows that the person is not Prime typically cherishes service; after all, with age, to find a good job, alas, is harder.
Of course, even the strict observance of these tips doesn't guarantee that you'll get to work. The final decision in any case remains with the user. But the chance to get a positive response will be very high.