Although the item "professional and personal qualities," when writing your CV is not the most important (the most important thing is knowledge and experience), to fill it is necessary, even despite the fact that not all recruiters are viewing these data. However, if the desired position is associated with close contact with people, top management, the employer will pay to this point attention.

However it is not necessary to describe its advantages on several pages, attributing all of the universal virtues. To serve yourself you need intelligent, relevant, and restrained. But this assumes that the stated positive characteristics about yourself can be no more than five!

Specified quality should be correlated with the position. Because the position of middle managers don't need charisma and leadership qualities, but also for all employees without exception important communication skills and stress resistance. Tone when completing this paragraph assumes very moderate, and the humor is completely absent, because he is not welcome not only in this place, but when filling out the summary at all. When describing personal qualities should not rely on templates. You just need to be aware of what characteristics needs this type of activity can be quite napolitaine rastsenivaya under other circumstances. For example, in some cases, the corrosiveness and pedantry deems the most necessary qualities.

Must be fully aware of the fact that the described characteristics are required to be true. That is, if you specify such a quality, punctuality, being late to a meeting with a recruiter, it is impossible even for a split second.

It may be confusion when completing the paragraph summary, write about yourself anything else is necessary. In frequent, in General case it is necessary to remember that the employer welcomes such qualities as willingness to work overtime and excellent trainability. And if this is true, it is safe to assert itself in this perspective. Well, if you're not willing to work more than time, you should probe yourself for the presence of such qualities as honesty, balance, hard work, initiative and lack of bad habits. If there is something of the above, it is safe to say that's about it.