However, the student can make a competent and complete autobiography. It is only necessary to remember that while writing you need to follow some rules.
To start an autobiography is required with the words "I ... was born...". Then specify the date and place of birth, place of residence, and actual residence.
In his autobiography you need to write the surname, name, patronymic of the parents, and information about them (date of birth, address, place of work). If there are brothers and sisters, we should mention them (name, occupation).
Student can write about the end of kindergarten, the direction of its activities (aesthetic, health, etc.), year.
It is important in the autobiography of the student to provide all stages of life. The events should be in chronological order. It should be noted in his autobiography the year of entry to school, it room, class profile.
If you have any personal achievements (winning at the Olympics, participation in sports competitions, etc.), you need not forget about them. It will be good, if the student describe his attitude toward them, and the conclusions he made. You can also write about Hobbies, interests, leisure activities, computer skills, foreign languages.
The text of the autobiography should be typed or written in comfortably readable print or legible handwriting. At the end of the text put a signature and date of writing autobiography.