You will need
  • - employment history (copy);
  • - the documents confirming obtained education;
  • - personal documents (marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, etc.).
Learn to distinguish autobiography from the summary and questionnaires, diary entries, memoirs and other personal texts. Extended curriculum vitae – an official document that you write at the request of the future employer, for admission in educational institution or in any public situation.
From the summary and questionnaires autobiography features a free form of writing. You will not get a table with the standard questions. Personal biography will have to be independently making a decision about the scope, structure, style of presentation. Despite the provision of the freedom of speech, expression, pick carefully. In his autobiography no place for lengthy arguments and excessive praise in his address. But critical remarks about, for example, the former chief should not be. Remember that your text will be predilection to consider the employees of HR Department, assessing not only the achievements but also personality characteristics.
Make a plan for the expanded autobiography. The story should be constructed in chronological order and encompass your entire life, from birth to the present time. The main points of the plan can be:- complete personal data: surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth, marital status;- education: name of educational institutions, including school, date of education;- main stages of work;- additional information: special skills, unique abilities, valuable social experience, etc - contact details and signature.
Write a draft of the autobiography. Don't rush, think about each item, remember important details. Talking about his origins, don't forget about the parents. For example, you grew up in a family of musicians. Note that this fact influenced your choice of profession. If you are married and raise children, write the name and surname of spouse, year of marriage, names and ages of the children.
Describing the education you have received will pay enough attention to each stage. Speaking of school and University, list the important points, accentuate your theoretical training in any branch of knowledge: - participation in all-Russian and regional Olympiads, competitions, scientific conferences, etc.; - special awards received during school years and University training: medals, diplomas with honors, diplomas, commendable sheets, etc.
Give examples of an active life position. For example, in school you were a volunteer, and in College played for the basketball team. If you managed to combine study in several institutions at once (in two departments) or study and work, be sure to mention it in his autobiography.
Trace your career path sequentially starting with the first job. Write only full (no abbreviations) name of business or organization. Specify exactly the dates and your job title. For each give a brief list of duties, mention about the experience and the greatest achievements. Read more stop on the professional successes that characterize you as a highly qualified specialist in a particular area.
Reasons for dismissal include succinctly: "in connection with transition to other work" or "downsizing". If the situation was a conflict and you know that a potential employer in the loop, we should not hide the obvious. However, stick to neutral expressions, e.g. "00 dismissed according to article of the Labour code of the Russian Federation".
Include the period of employment information about you passed refresher courses, retraining, workshops and seminars. This information will emphasize your desire to constantly develop in their chosen profession. Don't forget to write about available awards.
For additional information, specify what is not included in the main sections: positive character traits, Hobbies, facts, political participation, etc.
Carefully read a draft of his autobiography, fix the errors. Rewrite it in legible handwriting or type on the computer. At the bottom of the sheet include contact information (phone, address, email) and put a personal signature.