Advice 1: How to write a vision

The presentation is a document that reflects the desired specific action against the employee. This can be the promotion, nomination for appointment, certification, etc. As a rule, representation is made by the head of the personnel Department. The reasons why you had to deal with the registration of such a document, may be different: the request of the leader who wants to introduce you to the team at the time of recruitment; your initiative of self and others How it properly execute?
I have no doubt? Imagine yourself!
Consider, when you are applying for a vacant higher position in the company. The position is vacant, but your leadership is in no hurry to you with a job offer. No need to wait, imagine yourself, write performance, and turn him over to the head.
The submission is written in any business style. It consists of two main parts - a header and main section.
In the upper right corner of the worksheet, specify the recipient (addressee). In this case, the head (Director) of your company. If you have created and really works trade Union Committee, below, specify the second recipient of the Chairman of the PC.
Left a written document (presentation), date and number (number will be assigned by the Executive Secretary upon registration). It is acceptable to submit a document only with the date and the number. Below, specify its name (for example, assigning the name to the post...).
A primary partition.
He, in turn, is divided into parts:
• Credentials. In this part specify your name, date of birth, education.
• Labor activity. If you are applying for a different, higher position, enter only the common experience in the organization and the periods of employment that allow you to qualify for appointment.
• Characteristics of employment. Will focus on those qualities that will help to cope with more complex work. Here, without false modesty, you need to list your achievements, indicate what you have achieved at work today (if possible, in the figures).
• Reasons why you think it's possible purpose.
Writing a presentation and sign and date. As a result, you will receive a similar document. Perhaps it will help you in moving up the job ladder, reaching the nearest target.
How to write a vision

Advice 2: How to write a letter to the promotion

The promotion of employees faithfully performing their official duties, provided for in article 191 of the Labor code. As a rule, the most common types of incentives are a diploma, a valuable gift, award or assignment of title. To documented to justify the appropriateness of promotion, the responsible person must write a letter to the head of the companies where a promoted employee.
How to write a letter to the promotion
Determine what type of writing to promote you need to make. This can be a memo, presentation or performance. In a memo to indicate your suggestions on the promotion of the employee. In the presentation give a description of the professional qualities of the award and level of qualification. The characteristics describe the working career of the person promoted.
Will issue letter for promotion in accordance with the adopted standard. On a sheet of A4 in the hat write the full name of the enterprise in which the staff member works and the name and position of the head in the dative case: "General Director A. A. Ivanov". Place the letter number and date. Below, specify the form of a letter, for example: representation for promotion, memo for the promotion, feature to promote.
Fully describe the position of a promoted employee, enter his surname, name, patronymic. The body of the letter will state all required information: when the company employs the employee, as established in the workplace, was previously submitted to the awards, whether specialized education and certificate courses. Step by step write about the career promotion of an employee, with an indication of each of position of the enterprise and the year when the employee was promoted or transferred to another Department.
When describing personal qualities use the basic criteria: stress tolerance, initiative, diligence, ability to work in a team. If appropriate, please describe any characterize of employee labor services, for example, exceeding the plan or win at competition of professional skill.
At the conclusion of the letter, specify a motive for encouragement: "For many years of conscientious work and in connection with the anniversary of the employee", or "For the high professional results at year-end", "reducing costs" as well as possible reward: a cash reward, valuable gift, vacation packages and so on.
Put your signature opposite the name and position and endorse the letter to the personnel Department or the chief accountant. Then send a letter to the Director. After his hand-written assurances "approve" a letter to promote becomes the basis for the incentive resolution.
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