Consider, when you are applying for a vacant higher position in the company. The position is vacant, but your leadership is in no hurry to you with a job offer. No need to wait, imagine yourself, write performance, and turn him over to the head.
The submission is written in any business style. It consists of two main parts - a header and main section.
In the upper right corner of the worksheet, specify the recipient (addressee). In this case, the head (Director) of your company. If you have created and really works trade Union Committee, below, specify the second recipient of the Chairman of the PC.
Left a written document (presentation), date and number (number will be assigned by the Executive Secretary upon registration). It is acceptable to submit a document only with the date and the number. Below, specify its name (for example, assigning the name to the post...).
A primary partition.
He, in turn, is divided into parts:
• Credentials. In this part specify your name, date of birth, education.
• Labor activity. If you are applying for a different, higher position, enter only the common experience in the organization and the periods of employment that allow you to qualify for appointment.
• Characteristics of employment. Will focus on those qualities that will help to cope with more complex work. Here, without false modesty, you need to list your achievements, indicate what you have achieved at work today (if possible, in the figures).
• Reasons why you think it's possible purpose.
Writing a presentation and sign and date. As a result, you will receive a similar document. Perhaps it will help you in moving up the job ladder, reaching the nearest target.
How to write a vision