First we need to stay focused on the objective. Man has a subjective opinion about yourself. Consciously or not, but every little bit exaggerating or downplaying them, or that the quality. If there is no objectivity in the description, then it's worthless. Try to describe it sincerely, try to look at ourselves.
The actual nature implies certain personality traits. First of all, described their attitude to the surrounding people. How do you treat others? Indifferent, or on the contrary you are very sensitive to events that happen in people's lives. Maybe you think that they are useless. Describe all that can say about your attitude towards others.
Go to work and work. You are hardworking or lazy. Can you work assiduously, or you need a job, where you will move more. Whether you work, or work to meet any need. Describe your attitude to others work. What prefer: to be superior or subordinates. Thus, all that is connected with professional activities must fall under your description.
Then describe your attitude to things. As you lean to her and stranger things. Whether you like jewelry. Is there a tendency to kleptomania. Whether you cherish gifts. Describe what role in your life play things.
Now turn to the description of traits that relate directly to your inner world. This is done last, because after the previous descriptions, you can clearly imagine the picture of your inner world. Describe his nature. You evil or good-natured, have a tendency to rancor. Can you insult a man, to strike. What role in your life plays a religion, how religious you are. Describe your attitude to the opposite sex. You are the romantic kind or not. Following these instructions you will be able to objectively describe your character.