You will need
  • the rules of rhetoric,prepared speech, body language
Of course, it is possible to speak without preparation, but you need to be a genius of oratory. Therefore it is better to jot down the text of the presentation in advance and remember its main points (but not memorize). The test must consist of three parts - an interesting and bright greeting, the main part where you talk about your achievements and memorable conclusion.
Take the time to assess how sound Your speech. Put it on a tape recorder or computer, and listen to what intonations You are missing. For example, in order to make the interviewee feel your confidence, use perfect verbs - made, prepared, received, etc.
It is important to clearly know for whom You are making a self-presentation. You should be as customized to Your audience and be prepared to answer the most provocative questions. Even if that audience is one person, for example, Your future boss.
There is a great importance of body language. Need to watch his body language during the presentation. They should be as open as possible.
According to American researchers Tedeshi and Ries, there are five ways of self-presentation: it's trying to appeal to, self-promotion, intimidation, demonstration of spiritual superiority and a demonstration of their own weakness.