The description of your appearance will occur the first meeting and pre-selection. You have to imagine yourself as fully as possible and tell about your personal qualities, tastes, interests, and appearance. Without a little bit flatter yourself, of course, will not do, but try to do it in moderation, so as not to disappoint potential friends in closer contact with you.
Try to stick to the truth. It is clear that objective assessments can not afford any one person, but try to describe myself a few internally, abstracting, as if you were describing a stranger. The positive your hand and quality about which you write in your profile really needs to be inherent in real life. Don't focus much on the description of external features, describe your personality, passions and interests.
With regard to the appearance and physical data, specify your height, body type, hair color and eyes. You can talk about his style and manner of dress, it also can tell much more attentive, observant person. It will be interesting to see what accessories and jewelry you like, what semi-precious stones prefer.
Describing yourself, do not have to specify the exact parameters, try to let the person who will view your profile in the head formed a clear visual picture, sympathy and affection for you.