You will need
  • -passport
  • -lease
  • -statement to the administration
  • -extract from the cadastral passport
  • -decree of the administration
  • -payment for registration and for land (if purchased)
  • -application to the registration center
The issue of land in property reglamentary Federal law No. 122-F3 from 21.07.97 № 28 F3 from 02.01.2000, as well as the Land Code of the Russian Federation No. 136-F3 from 25.10.01. For the transfer of land from the rental property need to submit an application for consideration to the local administration.
While the statement about the desire to register the land plot in property is pending, you must proceed with obtaining a cadastral passport for the land and supply of land cadastral registration in the state registration chamber for the unified registration of land plots, cadastre and cartography (Rosnedvizhimost).
To put the plot on the account, proceed with obtaining a cadastral passport and to get a statement from him needs to be done on the land plot technical documents, topographical survey and a new plan. This should cause land management company to carry out technical work on the ground. After the restoration, on the basis of returns all documents that must be registered in ROSNEDVIZHIMOSTI. On the basis of the documents submitted , the land will be put on the record, will issue the cadastral certificate and the extract from it which is necessary for registration of ownership.
With the resulting statement need to refer back to the local authorities for resolution and the resolution to place the parcel in a property. If you've never formalized property rights on leased land, a once in a lifetime this can be done for free. If ever there was a plot already processed from the rental property, then the land will have to pay in accordance with the specified price 1 sq. m. of land in the area.
After collecting all the documents needed to apply to the state registration centre for unified registration of real estate. To write the application for registration, attach the extract from the cadastral passport, resolution of administration, receipt of payment of state duty for registration and receipt of payment for the land, if the land is bought.
After registration of all documents in 2-4 weeks on the station will issue a certificate of ownership.