The question about the possibility of registration of ownership of the fence is quite complex, since a positive decision bodies of Federal registration service must meet the fence a number of characteristics. First, the fence must be inextricably linked with the earth, and its dismantling, decomposition, or displacement should be possible without causing disproportionate damage to the given object. In addition, usually the fence is the secondary thing, so the ownership is recorded along with the main object. As the primary object can be a building, structure or property complex enclosed by a fence specified.

What are the documents required for registration of ownership?

For reference to the territorial subdivision of the Federal registration service for registration of ownership of the fence will require a preliminary assessment of the object, its designation on the plan of BTI. In addition, the owner of the fence should collect the documents confirming the purchase or self-construction of the object. The land on which construction of the facility, should belong to the owner of the fence or be in his possession, in this case the purpose of the site should allow the construction of such fence. In addition, real property may include only the fence that has a Foundation that confirms the impossibility of removal without causing serious damage to property.

How to refer to the territorial division of Rosreestr?

If the line erected or acquired fence mentioned above the characteristics of the owner may apply to the territorial division of Rosreestr, where you will need to submit the application for state registration, identity documents, proof of payment of a state fee inventory documents from the BTI, as well as documents confirming the purchase or construction of the facility. Usually these documents are submitted along with registration documents the main object of real estate. If the registering authority shall issue a decision on refusal of registration of a fence, this act can be appealed in court. If the fence required specifications, the court will oblige the authorized body to conduct the state registration of the object, then the property owner will receive a certificate.