To begin, submit an application to privatization in local governments. To register ownership of the land, you must obtain the cadastral passport and put the parcel on the cadastral account. All this is done at the expense of the applicant.
Leave a request to call the expert on land valuation in the center of the uniform account of the earth. You will stand on line, and you will set a date for the arrival of the engineer. The wait can last up to six months or more, as at present, such specialists are very few. And private firms having a license, today it is forbidden to conduct the survey and compile technical documentation.
At the appointed time you will be visited by the engineer. He will conduct a topographic survey of the area, land and make a plan. After this work you will receive all the technical documentation, which will again contact center unified view of the earth. Your land site will assign a number and put on the cadastral account, then you will be issued a cadastral passport for it.
Please contact your local authorities and provide there an extract from the cadastral passport, copy of cadastral plan and photocopies of the obtained extracts.
Registration of ownership of land occurs after the relevant decision of the head of the district administration. If the design of leased land in the property is done by you for the first time, the service is free of charge. Otherwise, the plot is sold for the cadastral value. Then, before the registration, you must pay the specified amount and provide a copy of the receipt to the administration.
Give to the Federal Office of the state registration of the center of the resolution receipt, the extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the plan, also write in the statement. After a month you will receive a certificate of land ownership.