You will need
  • A piece of paper, pen
In any Orthodox Church you can enjoy a prayer service about health. The concept of "health" for the Church service includes not only physical health but also spiritual, including material well-being.
To order the Service in the Church box. In some churches it is possible to write on the sheet the names of those people who will be prayer, others names will need to dictate the Verger. On prepared notes in the temple at the top of the page you can see the image of the cross and the inscription "for the health".
A prayer service is only available to baptized in the Church. The enumerated names should be written in the nominative case, clear, legible handwriting. Next to the names you can do level, if the child 7 – infant from 7 to 14 years – boy, if man conscripts or a military by profession – warrior, near the sick person made a mark – aching, additionally, you can specify the priesthood.
Making a note, remember that according to Church canons first must come the name of the Patriarch, then the name of the Archbishop, followed by the name of your spiritual father, and only then should go to the listing of parents ' names, your own name, names of family members, relatives and friends, then you can specify the names of the benefactors. The Church advises to order a prayer "On health" and for the enemies, envious and even enemies.
In addition to the notes, "health" prayers serve and romanicum. This is a special book stored in clean near home icons. They inscribe the names of all living and dead relatives, passed on from generation to generation. During prayer the book of names, and notes will be added to the altar, which is read before the Throne during the divine Liturgy. Buy a book of names in the temple or in the shop of Church books.
In addition to the simple prayer, you can order water. Then during the service will be by the lesser blessing of water, which will later be distributed to the faithful.
The number of prayers "for the health Of a Church is not limited.