On the note served in the Church, should be displayed at the top of the sheet Christian the eight-pointed cross. The records have to do neat, legible handwriting. To mention the names of the people in the Church notes only if they were baptized in the Orthodox Church.
The names of the notes on the commemoration of the dead, or when writing names of living people are written in the genitive case. Example: Ivan, Elena, Nikita, and the like. Each note on the commemoration for the health or may not contain more than ten names.
When enter the names of loved ones or people you know who would like to mention, think about them, remember, mentally send them your sincere desire to remember the dead or to wish long years zdravstvuyet.
Children mention in the notes as infants or youths, also in the genitive case. For example, you are praying for health: baby Nicholas baby Anastasia. The name of the person, his patronymic, degree of kinship in the notes mention is not necessary. But in notes on health before the name to put if you want the word "warrior", "sick", "the prisoner".
If you are writing a note about the commemoration, the names of the deceased, since the death which had passed forty days, added the word "the deceased". When to commemorate a man who was killed in the service of the war, add the word "warrior." Remembering the deceased on the day of his birth or his date of death, add the word to the name "notorious".
In addition to notes "for the repose" "on health", in Orthodox Church ceremonies, there are other types of references. Mention in the note "prayers" for the repose of the ordered or surviving person in the period of serious illness, difficult life situations. This reference (commemoration) the name of the person to be taken by the Church for forty consecutive days.
Requiem book in the Church when you need to hold Church service for the deceased person. The note "a memorial service" you can write the names of deceased persons recently unburied people and the names of those who died long ago. If you ordered a memorial service in the Church, you should stay in the temple, when will go worship and pray together with the priest, while he will speak during the service the names of your notes.
With a note "prayer," the Orthodox pray for the message benefits of more than or thank God for their good. When placing prayer at the top of the note is written the name of the Holy, which ascends request or thanksgiving. Below are recorded the names of people who would be offered up for prayer.
The Church transferred the note to the Minister in the temple or Church shop. The best time for application is prior to the service (Liturgy). You can submit a note tonight to the names of her priest mentioned after morning prayers the next day.