Going to the temple, please dress appropriately. The shoulders should be closed (preferably, the sleeve reaches at least to the elbow). Skirt or pants should be long, no shorts allowed. Women should enter the temple with covered heads, and men without headgear. On the lips of women should not be lipstick, because you will need to kiss the icon.
Come to put candles before the service or after its termination, so as not to disturb the order of worship.
Buy candles in the temple, in which to put them. So you make a small donation. However, the cost of the candles does not matter – all of them, even the cheapest, are equally suited for the ritual.
Before you put candles for health, you can put them to the icon symbolizing the Church holiday celebrated on a given day (usually a holiday icon put in the most prominent place). You can also put the candle to the icon depicting the patron Saint of the temple, and then his Holy one (the name of which was baptized).
Candle for the health can be put in any candle before the icon, but not on kanuny table (candle holder square shape with a crucifix) is to put the candles for the dead. Usually candles for the health put before the icon of the Savior, the mother of God or healer Panteleimon.
The candle should be lit from the other candles, standing in candlesticks, not from the lamps. Then you just heat the bottom of the candle to the melted wax, securely fixed a candle in a candlestick.
Putting a candle for the health, you need to mentally refer to the Saint, the icon of which put a candle and ask him to heal someone from the family (or all at once). After saying a prayer you should kiss the icon of the Saint to which you applied.