The question about how all the same correctly to put a candle for health, to comply with Church canons, is actually not entirely true formulated. Special places to establish such candles not provided.
Before you put the candle in the health, ask yourself the question: "What do I want the person about whom you want to pray?" The answer to this question will help you to choose the right icon that you want to put a candle for health.
Do not hesitate to make clarification to the people who serve in the temple. Usually they cordially respond to requests from inexperienced members and will help answer any question. Including explain to you what the icon is in the Church, what Holy and what prayer should apply to your specific case.
For example, for the health of the sick person should pray before the icon of St. Panteleimon known for its healing. But for those who are on the road, it is suitable to put a candle before an icon of St. Nicholas and for him to offer prayer for health.
In the Orthodox Church there is a tradition where candles for the health put in any of the candlesticks, except those that are located on canonem the table and serve for candles that parishioners put on the rest. It should be borne in mind that not every Church is kanuny table, so candles and in health and for the rest you can put in any candle holder. Just what prayers we will make.
The text of the prayer can be:
"Save, o Lord, and have mercy upon my spiritual father (name), my parents (names) of friends and benefactors and all Orthodox Christians"
In this appeal, to the Lord we don't talk about yourself, remembering that everyone who prays for the health of another person will also be rewarded. Separately should be said about the need to pray for his enemies and detractors, as mentioned by Jesus Christ.
There are different prayers for the health, they can be found in the Orthodox "Prayer." Keep in mind that the Church books acquired from a questionable publisher, can be subject to distortion, this also applies to texts of the prayers.