First, make sure that you are able to speak at all, and then begin to saturate your speech concepts of metaphysics. Without the basic skills of the speaker you can not do. Watch him during a private conversation. The interlocutor often do not understand? Can't hear what you say to him? He is alien to your sense of humor? You are too inferior to his interlocutor and let him alone carry on a conversation? So it will not work. No one will listen to your clever speeches, if you say them quietly, under her breath, embarrassed.
To put a voice and learn to control himself on acting courses for Amateurs, in the classroom with an individual teacher, with familiar students. Now, fortunately there is the Internet. There you will be able to know the price, and to reduce the familiarity with the professionals. A brilliant mind without the ability to say no will bring you the fame of the speaker.
It put, now, make it meaningful content. Well, if you already have two degrees and certificates several additional educational programs. But do not think that your work is over. First, you need all of smart that is already sitting in your head, you select. To say clever things at random is stupid. Honor this verbal behaviour you will not make. So consider the subject of the conversation or presentation and not stick out at the wrong time and not to show off: normally, trying to sound smarter than he is, the person gets trapped and left with nothing.
Don't forget about the decoration of your speech. Clumsy speech of the Professor in the lecture will not cause interest. Use Proverbs, sayings, but avoid obscenities. It is relevant only in a certain circle of closest friends, and then, when the conversation is not about higher matters, but about something mundane.
You should understand the concepts of poetics, insert it in metaphors, epithets, colorful and revealing comparison. At the initial stage, it may have to write a speech or to outline the range of themes and expressive means, but then all that you will do on the machine.
If you and to talk about what is not urgently take himself in tight rein. Someone, of course, will be able to "pour water" and pretend to be erudite, but such a person will soon figure out, and then mutual frustration is inevitable. So get an education, read more good literature, don't let your brain "to fall asleep" watching the next series. Remember that you can talk intelligently about well-known things. In this case, it will take you the first step. But it is better to have real knowledge and real life experience, so as not to lose face in the dirt.