Pay attention to what you read. It's one thing to read articles from the Internet and tabloid novels, and quite another matter – to read serious fiction. Serious literature can be called when it is based on philosophy, psychology and history, expands the knowledge of the reader and well written. An additional plus of reading these works is that it will favourably affect the correctness of your writing and speaking, and beautifully and clearly Express their thoughts.
Study the scientific literature. Try to understand what you read. Books that help to understand the world, develop intuition, curiosity and desire to learn more. When reading scientific literature at the same time stimulated interest in their own intellectual abilities and to the surrounding physical world.
Explore not only the world around you, but also your inner world. Philosophy is the science of human life. Read classic books on philosophy, think more and analyze. If after reading this or that book you notice that you are very interested in any aspect, write an essay on this topic.
Share what you learn. The discussions contribute to the ability to draw critical conclusions based on facts, and develop memory and deductive logic. Of course, your partner should have a clear idea about the topic of conversation.
Try not to be limited to a narrow range of interests. Wide horizon intellectually and additional knowledge covering many different areas, indicate a high intellectual and spiritual development of the individual. Often train your mind. Learn foreign languages, write poetry, listen to classical music.
Remember that if you learned about something new to you, this does not mean that you become smarter. Make it a habit to reflect new information. Find apply knowledge and ideas in real life, share experiences with other people, listen to what you people say. Spend your time usefully. Get the latest news, play Board games, take part in discussions. You'll feel more knowledgeable and confident person. Self-improvement will surely reveal to you new horizons.