To possess a sense of humor, first of all, you need to learn to joke about yourself and you find even in the most adverse situations, something with which you can with optimism to laugh. So try to stop himself too seriously. In addition, often give the people around you smile and laugh.
Don't be afraid of situations when you will look ridiculous. Remember the complicated situation of your life and try to see how it looked from the outside, and when the opportunity laugh at these moments with your family, friends or colleagues. Typically, such irony not only well perceived by others, but also helps to gain confidence in their own abilities and doesn't seem to be that person with too high self-esteem.
Try joking as often as possible and don't be afraid that your joke is not quite successful, because, first of all, you need to practice. If you'll just ponder can you joke or no, was probably just the excitement you will fail.
Do not lose sight of that for a humorous assessment of something, you must develop the wit, erudition and acting. Extremely important also vocabulary to expand you can, if you like to read. Develop the ability to speak spontaneously. To do this every day at least a few minutes continuously try to say everything that comes to mind. Initially, it may seem too difficult, you can try to go for a walk, for example, to the Park and as detailed as possible to describe everything you see around you, for example, for two minutes.
Learn to think associatively, as it is the path to wit. To begin developing this skill can determine that nepotushenny select any item and try on the basis of its shape, size, color and other external characteristics in a short time to come up with as many associations to it. When you learn fast enough to come up with comparisons to any of it, you can start your associative experiences describing people.