Advice 1: How to develop charisma

For anybody not a secret that all people are different – some are experiencing persistent difficulties in communicating with others, while others easily attract attention, attracts the audience are the soul of the company. The secret these people the charisma that allows them easily to take their place in society and feel in any company at ease. Charisma is the quality that you can purchase, observing certain rules of life.
How to develop charisma
Think about it, what feelings prevail in your mind when you find yourself in society. If you feel insecure, worried about their appearance and how you think about the sides, you will not be able to charm the people around them.
You should be absolutely calm and confident. Don't be afraid of errors and defects in the behavior of the people around just as prone to commit these errors.
Learn to relax and reset voltage – the DC voltage only alienate other people. Stay loose and relaxed, be sure that your identity is valuable and unique.
In addition, you need to be tactful with other people. Thin tact allows the charismatic person to not focus on the mistakes of others, to communicate politely and with interest, showing maximum attention to the words of each of his companions. Show sincere interest in relation to the interlocutor that he was comfortable with you.
Try not to depend on the views of others cease to care whether someone or not. Attractive is only the man who does not think constantly about how to make someone a good impression.
Believe in your own strength, then you will believe other people. Like someone only when there is confidence and sense of self-worth. Trust yourself and others – demonstrate complete peace and friendliness, which will surely pass it on to your interlocutors.
Not tricky and not deceive people. Always say what you think and try to be solid and consistent identity, actions which correspond to the words and desires.
Be sincere, be reasonable, accept yourself such what you are, and accept others for who they are really. This acceptance and this openness will allow you to become the real soul of the company.

Advice 2: What is the charm

Charisma is a human quality is beyond simple and obvious explanation. The strange thing is, some people can look totally usual, not different outstanding achievements, but for some reason all-around simply adore. Sometimes the charm is also called charisma.
What is the charm

And what this man so special?

Despite the fact that others are often considered charming man beautiful, if you look closely, you can see that this is not always the case. But definitely that charismatic people are always a special smile that comes to him and makes them incredibly cute. And when charm and beauty are joined together, it becomes a dangerous mix that puts the person in an almost tangible aura of attractiveness.

As for exclusively feminine charm, this special quality that some women consider a memorable experience, then, according to psychologists, it is associated with sensitivity and emotion. The girl that feels the surrounding world and is able to empathize, always particularly nice to others, especially men. It may have a mediocre appearance, but will never miss the fans.

In the everyday sense, charisma is something a person endowed by nature. Charm either there or it is not, is public opinion. But the image-makers have a different view on this issue. They are laying down the charm on the components and explain what determines the opinions of others about you.

Directional charm

According to psychologists, every person has hidden potential charm. This quality awakens in people when they meet those with whom I feel good and comfortable. For example, when a person falls in love, it's like he glows with happiness from within, and he's normally very charming.

How to be charming

There are some behavioral tools that help people to behave more freely and uninhibited, which, in turn, leads to increased level of charm. According to studies, people perceive and form an opinion about others based on nonverbal signs, which account for about 80-90% of the attention. It is a mimicry, gestures, gait, tone. It people react automatically, this algorithm is built into us by nature.

Very often people, especially in Russia, frowning slightly narrow my eyes or fold your lips in some kind of "antilabor". To check how typical of you, go to the mirror and try to speak as if in front of you audience. If your facial expressions hostile, it is not surprising that people do not meet you with open arms.

Gestures – a special theme for conversation. For many typical defensive or closing gestures, when a person crosses his arms or legs, polutornaya from the interlocutor, as if trying to dissociate itself from him. Equally bad are the gestures of boredom or irritation and boredom when you are coughing, rubbing the tip of the nose or fumble in the hands of a small object.

To become charming, practice open gestures. Turn to the person whole body, smile during a conversation, listen carefully to him. Even these simple gestures will not hesitate to cause amazing effect!
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