Read books is the key to all the mysteries of the world. Pay particular attention to the literature that describes real events. To learn more about geography will help the stories of the great travelers. The secret history of open military novels.
Watching educational programs on television and online. Today there are special channels that tell about the facts of science, biology, history, interesting living language, with thematic plots for clarity.
Communicate with people - experts in their field. More attention is paid to their friends in the Internet, colleagues, friends, neighbors. Each of them is the fount of the wisdom that you may still unknown. Feel free to ask them about what they know. Usually people are happy to share our experiences.
Travel. Broadens horizons through personal acquaintance with the masterpieces of world architecture and art. Even if you go on vacation to the sea, do not be lazy to learn about the attractions in the area, they certainly have here. Sign up for a tour, ask the tour guide further questions.