First, know that wisdom and intelligence are two different concepts. Accordingly, an intelligent man is not necessarily wise. But clearly he and the other know something that others don't know. The meaning of life exclusively for all people to find happiness and why many people believe that becoming smarter, they will become happy. But not so simple.
To become smart you need to be curious. Read books, analyze them, communicate with smart people, i.e. constantly expand their knowledge and skills. But be aware that the amount of knowledge will not make you a wise man. And your ultimate goal is likely to become a reputable and well-read and, therefore, rich. Because with your knowledge you can earn good money. That's why wealthy people are trying to give their children a good education.
The wise man does not always know all that he knows is smart. As Aeschylus said, "the Wise not someone who knows much, and those who know need it." Here is the clue. Among the smartest people are often unhappy, and among the sages, there are none, because they know what should not be ignored.
The goal of sage is to acquire happiness, and is not to be. If you understand the difference, start clearly refer to books and sources of information. Among the huge variety, highlight those sources that are needed. For example, we all studied in school be sure to the following subjects: mathematics, language, physics, etc. Without them it would be hard to live. And life has information, which is read and which is read as necessary. Because very often people are unhappy due to the fact that they just didn't get to it until the right knowledge.
Analyze everything you see and hear. Criticism expose any information, it is not necessary to believe everything in a row. Always think about why and what this man says what you hear. Be objective. In an objective assessment of what is happening is the mind. Even if this is your old friend he does not always want to give everything that is in his heart.
Sages know that all people resemble each other the desire to be happy. But use different methods. Therefore, learn to think deeply and decide what you need to become happy.