Charisma is a special type of strong energy, so begin to clear your energy field. It is necessary to abandon all forms of negative emotions (irritation, anger, anger, criticism). Set yourself on the positive, remembering always that "like attracts like". So surround yourself with positive surroundings, positive people, work, and rest with joy in your heart.
Get rid of self-doubt, inhibitions and fears. These qualities no one has rendered a good service and charismatic personality at all is to forget them. Healthy high self esteem – its distinctive quality.
Do things you love and dedicate his time to the development of their own qualities, skills and interests. Learn to do something better than anyone, and that "something" should bring you great pleasure. Feel the harmony between you and your job.
Develop all aspects of personality: more read, learn, think, socialize, engage in spiritual practices, sports, love. You see a flaw in yourself – you work with him.
Independence, originality of thinking, find your own path, inner strength and confidence – these are the qualities that charismatic man leads many. It's simple – he knows what he wants and, starting from the self, is the goal.
Show more initiative. If you can do it yourself – make. Optimism and sense of his own indispensability attract and, as a rule, people always believe in that person, seek to be near him and have some common cause.
Work on your appearance. Deliver competent speech, learn to Express their thoughts in a meaningful and concisely. This is very important because you should be able to attract people to their ideas. Use facial expressions, gestures, developed his own original type of behavior.
And most importantly – be natural. All the power and energy needs to come from within to be real and not fictitious. Sincerity and sincerity is highly appreciated especially in strong personalities, it was the friendliness and openness sets them apart from hard-nosed and arrogant nerds. Be yourself!