Oddly enough, but to figure out faster you need to slow down. This means that you need to stop to adjust your brain when he is in search of solutions. The stress that you are at this moment experiencing, stimulates the production of cortisol – a hormone of the adrenal cortex. Cortisol can damage and even destroy brain cells.
If your life is full of stress, try to make the body reduce cortisol production. Slow down the pace of your life – don't need to run headlong to work, lie down and think about pleasant, relax, recharge with positive energy for the whole day. This is a nice exercise, if you do it every day, significantly reduce your body's level of the stress hormone.
For the development of intelligence is also very important to constantly exercise your brain. Encourage him, tossing difficult puzzles and puzzles. If today you are too lazy to deal with a complicated user manual, then tomorrow your brain will not want to understand even the most simple. Constant training of the mind can produce remarkable results, even in adulthood. Look around – the most cheerful old men, fully retained their intelligence, they are people who until of Mature age engaged in mental work.
Than you can train intelligence? For this approach various charades, puzzles, puzzles, entertaining tasks. There is a wonderful game called "flies in the elephant". For her word is taken, in which each stage game is replaced by one letter and it turns into quite another. For example, the word "house" can be transformed into the word "cancer": the house – dock rock – a cancer. It is also very useful to remember something – poems, lyrics, songs, fables.
Listen to the music. Scientists have proved that classical music, for example Mozart stimulates the brain.
Be an optimist. If you don't believe in yourself, then you don't grow your brain activity. Positive minded people are always looking to expand your horizons, and not prone to the loss of intellectual abilities.
In addition to exercise for the mind, for development intelligence, you need exercise for the body. Physical exercise increases the blood flow to the brain and improve its ability. And if you hold classes in the fresh air, the benefits from them will be twice as much.
Eat right. The deficiency of b vitamins and folic acid is very bad for memory, and the whole of human intellectual activity. Eat more vegetables, fish, eggs, dairy products, grains, and your intelligence will always be on top!