Send the corresponding statement to the tax office at the place of registration of the legal entity. Write name of organization and legal address. In a statement on the restoration of the constituent documents specify the requirement for issuance of a duplicate of the Charter is possible, because you will be given a copy of the original, which is kept in the archives of the tax.
Attach to the application copies of supporting documents: INN, checkpoint, date entered to the register, the certificate on the state registration, data on the head, codes statistics.
Pay the state fee in the amount of 200 rubles. Amount is paid separately for each requested duplicate copy of its constituent document. If you need a copy urgently, you can pay a fee of 400 roubles for urgent results. Payment you can make from the account of the organization or receipt through the Bank. Payment details can be found on the official website of the tax Inspectorate
The procedure for the consideration of your application on the recovery of lost the constituent documents lasts depending on the workload of the tax authorities and can reach 10-15 business days.
To save your time you can apply for the service recovery of constituent documents of companies specializing in this type of service. Staff will help you gather the necessary documents, write a letter, you will only have to take a duplicate of the Charter in a few days.