From a landline phone in Russia to a landline in USA grab your phone and leave not long distance line, by dialing "8". Wait for the beep. After this, enter the access code for international line – it is the same for all international calls, usually it is "10", . In order to establish a connection with the US, press "1" is the country code. Now you have to enter city code (if unknown to you – can use the phone book) and phone number. As in Russia, depending on the size of the community in which you are calling the number of digits in the local number can vary from four to seven. The shorter the number, the longer the area code, in the amount they are 10 digits. Thus, the algorithm is set as follows: 8-10-1- (area code + subscriber number).
Mobile on mobilnyj this case, the order of the set of rooms is much simpler: you don't need to go to the intercity and international line. You just have to dial the US prefix (+1) and the ten digit cell phone number that is registered in America.
From a landline to a cell in Skalholt set the same call to a landline number – first intercity line, then international, then type "unit". But instead of a combination of "area code + phone number" you enter a ten digit mobile number.
From mobile to stationary in America, Dial the country code (+1), then enter the area code and called number.