Advice 1: How to translate into tone mode

There are two types of dialing – pulse and tone dialing. Pulse – the old way and set the default to landline phones, and mobile tone. To dial the number quickly, or during a call, enter the extension number you want it to tone mode.
The "star" button is used to switch to tone mode
Defined mode
When pulse dialing handset audible clicks as if the circle disk phone spinning and cracking. The number of clicks on each figure corresponds to its value. The exception is zero - it is transmitted ten pulses.

In tone mode when dialing hear different pitched sounds. Each figure corresponds to a single sound (tone).
Change the mode
Mode from pulse to tone usually changes by pressing the * key (asterisk) in front of the room.

An example of a set: * 8 846 222 22 22. Button located in the bottom row. This method allows you to change the mode only once, i.e., each time before the set will need to press the asterisk. To switch the mode one time and "long" click on phone button Tone or the Tone (T/I).
In rare cases, the mode changes differently, they should refer to phone's user guide.

Disc phones the ability to switch to tone mode is missing.

Rarely, if your phone company is an old analogue PBX, then the possibility of tone dialing is absent, regardless of the phone.

Advice 2 : How to dial in tone mode

There are two types of dialing of the telephone: tone and pulse. Pulse dialing was used in landline phones with rotary dial. In modern devices use tone dialing.
How to dial in tone mode
Most often the default in the phone settings pulse mode. It can be distinguished from tonal characteristic cod. In tone mode dial tone is heard individually. But if you use auto you need to press different combinations of numbers, which is impossible in this mode. In order to briefly activate a tone dialing mode, press "*", then the desired key. But the next time you call tone mode will be disabled.
To translate pulse dialing of digits in tone, you need to read the instructions specific phone. In phones Siemens Gigaset tone mode is enabled when using the following combination: press the call key, then call the function by typing "10". Click on the + 1 button (tone mode).
The phone VoxteL, to use tone mode, press the button "programming", then the key combination "*-2-2". After the beep, press the "*" and the button "programming". Also, the DECT phones on the basis there is a button to switch the pulse mode to tone.
Modern phones Panasonic tone mode is enabled on the database side. Just move the slider to "TONE" (tone mode dialing digits). In older models, go to phone menu, select "Programming challenges" and select the "Tone mode set keys. Note that there are exceptions in the phone settings. If you do not find the item, read the instructions.
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