The client can set a suitable cost of minute of conversation. The money from the phone bills are displayed on WebMoney or Yandex.Money through special services.

As a rule, the necessity of adding a special rate pay incoming calls due to the specifics of the person. For example, it may be a toll number for emergency legal and Advisory services, paid support or paid phone psychological assistance.

This service is called intelligent communication service, and its provide some cellular operators, such as Rostelecom.

To take advantage of intelligent communication services, must:

1. To register as an individual entrepreneur. For this you need to contact the tax office at the place of residence. The telephone company does not enter into such contract with individuals.

2. After obtaining the certificate of IE you need to choose the mobile operator with whom you will cooperate, with the most favorable rate. Contact the telephone company office, for example, the company Rostelecom, which has offices in all major cities. Rostelecom gives the phone number for paid services starts at 8809 8809 100 or 200.

3. To sign a contract with the operator of cellular communication. The contract should also include the cost of connecting services, the cost of a monthly fee. And that's not all - you'll have to share with the operator portion of the profit from each incoming call, this part is as a percentage also specified in the contract.

Connect such phone number is a paid service and not cheap. It makes sense to use it if your services are really in great demand and customers are willing to pay for them good money. Otherwise, the Advisory activity will be unprofitable.