You will need
  • - phone connected to the "MegaFon";
  • - computer with Internet access.
The service "Replace hooter" you can connect by calling from your mobile phone number 0770. After connecting, follow the voice guidance system. The call is free.
You can also send an SMS message to the number 0770. When sending code selected on the website of "MegaFon" motive or fun, it is automatic ordering and installation for all callers.
You can replace the beeps through the registration form on the website of the operator.
Changing ringing on ringtones, connect "Music channel" is a set of songs in your favorite genre (to do this, we need to call on toll free number 0770 and press 5 or go to the "Music channels" on the website of "MegaFon" or "the Music box" - a package of tunes for a reasonable price (for this we need to make a call to the number 0770, press 1 and go to the "Music box" or apply on the website).
It is possible to set a personal tone. To do this, dial *551#, and then locate his name. If subscriber's name in the list, send to free SMS message to number 5510.
"MegaFon" also allows you to rip tracks from friends. "Copy button" allows, by pressing * on the keypad of your phone, copy the ringtone sounded during your "dialer". If the caller has not yet been connected to the service "Replace hooter", then copying tunes it will work automatically. "Copy tunes from a friend" is able to listen to tunesthat have person. To do this, dial the number 0770, press 6 and enter the number of a friend for access to his collection.