Learn the phone number of the company. If it consists of two parts, the first will be responsible for the main number of the company, and the second, which usually is taken in brackets, for additional. It will help you connect with the right Department. Please, dial the main number of the organization and call. You will answer answer.
You need to listen to full greeting, or you may fail and you have to re-dial the number. At the end of the message you will hear a list of the main extensions and the proposal to gain the necessary after the characteristic signal.
Check that your landline phone is in tone mode. This is necessary in order to properly contact the extension number. If it's disabled, then just tap the phone button "star", which is under the main buttons of the set. The number of telephone devices for these purposes is equipped with a special button Pulse-Tone. If the device initially operates in tone mode, simply begin dialing an extension number.
Wait until switch the phone to tone mode. Start typing the digits of the extension number, you will hear a short signal on different frequencies. This means that you have successfully switched to tone mode of dialing.
Dial extension number and wait for a response. In some cases, the PBX can fail to connect you properly. If this happens, it is necessary to contact the respondents and ask him to switch to the desired number. Usually the problem employees of any company are loyal. Otherwise, you will need to retype the main and extension numbers.
Do not make calls from mobile telephones to extension numbers. The fact that they do not always support tone mode of operation of the ATS, causing you hardly can get through. Data calls are charged as a city, and the countdown starts from the moment you're through to the answering machine. In the end, you can be rasoazanany due to lack of funds in your account.