You will need
  • spanner of 13 mm or 10;
  • - indicator light;
  • - the key to crank.
For placing a corner of an advancing of ignition the vehicle gear shifter is transferred to the neutral position, and the machine further held the Parking brake.
With the distributor cap is removed with high voltage wires, after which the crankshaft is rotated by the key to ratchet up until the slider rail does not move to the sector of the first cylinder of the distributor. Caution continuing to rotate the crankshaft of the engine, aligned the marks on the pulley shaft and the sheen of the front cover.
Then one wire of the control bulb is attached to the terminal of the coil of ignition, the wire from which connected to the output of the distributor, and the second wire the indicator light is grounded to the motor or body in any convenient location. Then weakens the attachment of the distributor.
At this stage the key the ignition comes on. Now, pressing against the runner rail, the body of the distributor, if the indicator light bulb is rotated in the opposite direction of rotation of the roller until then, until the light goes out.
Turning the body of the distributor a little, his very gently turn in the opposite direction, not forgetting to press the slider and at the moment of ignition the control lamp it is fixed, and the bolts securing devices are tightened.
Wearing a cover with high voltage wires, the installation angle of an advancing of ignition is complete.