You will need
  • spanner of 13 mm.
The principle of the installation of the distributor ignition system in the engine is the same for all motors and starting with unscrewing the candle of the first cylinder and install the crankshaft on labels.
In the vacant hole in the cylinder of the first cylinder is compressed paper wad (do not overdo it and not drop it inside).
Further rotate the crankshaft of the engine key for a ratchet until "shot" is the paper tube that indicates the beginning of the compression stroke. Now carefully aligned the mark on the front pulley with a medium tint on the motor cover (it has three).
Turning the shaft of the breaker so that the contact rotor of the distributor pointed to the high voltage output wire of the first cylinder, insert it into the cylinder block. At this stage you want to draw attention to the fact that at the time of meshing helical gears "of the distributor and intermediate shaft, there is a shift of the ignition timing. Therefore, pre-slightly rotate the slider counterclockwise.
After the chopper took his regular place, he is fixed is put on the pin clamping bracket and tighten the locknut key on 13 mm. Then it is joined by the wire from the ignition coil and worn cover with high voltage wires.
Twisting a candle in the head unit, make an attempt the first run, then set the ignition timing.