Modern scooters use a contactless ignition system. However, the presence of sparks is a Testament to the health of the system, since the power of the electrical discharge may be sufficient to ignite the mixture.
To check spark, remove the candle and secure it to the weight of the engine with any suitable metal appliances. To hold the candle is extremely dangerous, as the voltage can reach up to 40 thousand volts.
In order to find the fault and adjust the ignition system of the scooter, install a serviceable working candle. Before beginning diagnostics, using a multimeter, verify that there is electrical contact of the engine with the frame of the scooter.
The most important element of the ignition system is the alternator. For measuring the resistance of the supply circuit of the ignition coil disconnect the wiring from the generator, followed by measuring the resistance between ground and one of the wires (black wire with red stripe). Normal can be considered as a resistance in the range of 80-150 Ohms. If the resistance is missing, or values below the established norm, the generator is faulty.
To determine the exact failure, remove the generator and using a multimeter measure the resistance of the coil. In this case, you must connect the device directly to the pins of the coils because one of them is soldered to the magnetic core. If in the process of measuring the resistance was normal, the damage must be sought either in the wiring or in the connection point with the coil.
In the case of serviceability of the generator, check the continuity of the wiring. Connect the multimeter to the two points to the conclusions of the block "switch – ignition coil" and to the block, connected to the generator. After checking the integrity of wires, these should also be checked for a possible short between them. If the whole circuit from the generator to the conclusions of the wiring to the ignition module a, it is likely a faulty ignition module.