Advice 1: How to adjust the ignition on the scooter

The ignition system of the scooter is intended for ignition fuel-air mixture in the cylinders. The whole process is done through the spark plugs. High voltage (15 to 30 thousand volts) is generated in the coil. Accordingly, when malfunction of the ignition adjustment should start with these items.
How to adjust the ignition on the scooter
Modern scooters use a contactless ignition system. However, the presence of sparks is a Testament to the health of the system, since the power of the electrical discharge may be sufficient to ignite the mixture.
To check spark, remove the candle and secure it to the weight of the engine with any suitable metal appliances. To hold the candle is extremely dangerous, as the voltage can reach up to 40 thousand volts.
In order to find the fault and adjust the ignition system of the scooter, install a serviceable working candle. Before beginning diagnostics, using a multimeter, verify that there is electrical contact of the engine with the frame of the scooter.
The most important element of the ignition system is the alternator. For measuring the resistance of the supply circuit of the ignition coil disconnect the wiring from the generator, followed by measuring the resistance between ground and one of the wires (black wire with red stripe). Normal can be considered as a resistance in the range of 80-150 Ohms. If the resistance is missing, or values below the established norm, the generator is faulty.
To determine the exact failure, remove the generator and using a multimeter measure the resistance of the coil. In this case, you must connect the device directly to the pins of the coils because one of them is soldered to the magnetic core. If in the process of measuring the resistance was normal, the damage must be sought either in the wiring or in the connection point with the coil.
In the case of serviceability of the generator, check the continuity of the wiring. Connect the multimeter to the two points to the conclusions of the block "switch – ignition coil" and to the block, connected to the generator. After checking the integrity of wires, these should also be checked for a possible short between them. If the whole circuit from the generator to the conclusions of the wiring to the ignition module a, it is likely a faulty ignition module.

Advice 2: How to adjust the ignition for Audi

On modern cars Audi adjusts the ignition is fully automatic and does not require the intervention of the owner. The electronic engine control unit, is responsible for managing the ignition, checked the station at a time using special computerized stands. But on the Audi 80, Audi 100, the adjustment is quite easy to accomplish on their own.
How to adjust the ignition for Audi
You will need
  • - strobe;
  • - special tool to adjust the ignition timing (engine 7A);
  • - candle key (engine 7A).
To adjust the ignition on the motors KV and the engines volume of 1.6 and 1.8 l powertrain warm up to operating temperature. Stop and connect the device. On models of engines DZ, JN RM and disconnect the vacuum hose from the distributor and plug it. On all other models, motors, leave the hose connected.
Start the engine in idle mode and aim the strobe into the hole on the left side of the casing of the clutch. If the slot on the flywheel appears at the lower edge of the hole, then the ignition timing is normal. If correction is required, remove the plug with the clamp bolt of the distributor, loosen the bolt and turn the dispenser to the desired setting angle. Reinstall all removed parts, reconnect the vacuum hose, turn the engine off and remove the strobe.
Adjust ignition timing on engines PS and NG in the following way: warm up the engine, stop it, connect the strobe light. Using the system self check of the knock sensor. If you have air conditioning, turn it off. On the PS engine check that the idle switch of the throttle was activated. In the NG engine, remove the fuse block cover and install the fuse in the relay of the fuel pump. Start the engine in idle mode. Wait 4 seconds. before testing. To check and adjust the angle of the Opera follow the same steps described in section 3.
On the 7A engine adjustment ignition timing run according to the following sequence: install the engine in the position of the upper dead point. To do this, remove the spark plugs and rotate the crankshaft until the beginning of time compression in 1 cylinder. To feel that moment, in the hole of the cylinder 1 insert the rubber plug or your own finger. Watching in the observation hole located in the gear housing, continue to rotate the crankshaft clockwise until alignment marks on the flywheel and on the flywheel housing.
Next, remove the top cover of the drive camshaft and verify that the TDC marks on the camshaft sprocket and the valve cover are the same. Remove the cap from the distributor and align the special tool to the center of the runner with the mark of TDC on this tool. The lower mark check the Hall sensor. This mark must coincide with the slider. To adjust its position, remove the plug and loosen the clamping bolt of the distributor. Turn the housing to align the pointer and runner rail. After all corrections and adjustments install back all removed parts.
To properly remove the spark plugs on the engine 7A first note the location of high-voltage wires for the cylinder number (if no factory labels). Pull out the clips of high-voltage wires from candles. Candle key Unscrew the plugs and remove them. Check and adjust if required the clearance of candles as per the specifications of the manufacturer. To measure the clearance use the feeler gauge to adjust the gap, bend the outer electrode to the desired state. Screw the spark manually with a force specified in the specifications.

Advice 3: How to adjust the ignition with a strobe

Correctly adjusted ignition timing – the key to sustained engine operation and the minimum operational fuel consumption. Use an optical method and adjust the motor of your car with a strobe.
How to adjust the ignition with a strobe
You will need
  • - strobe engine tuning;
  • - set of automotive tool;
  • - insulating gloves.
To adjust the ignition, roll the car out of the garage. Interference from direct sunlight, choose to work in the afternoon. Inspect the strobe and inspect his body for mechanical damage. Remember that contact with the high voltage circuit of the Converter unit is able to cause you serious injury.
Turn off the car engine. Using clamps and observing polarity, connect the device to the battery. Avoiding short-circuit in case of wrong connection of the contact wires, reconcile their actions with the device attached to the regulations. Fasten the signal cable to the wire connected with spark plug of the first cylinder and forming a capacitive coupling with a strobe light.
Place the wire by excluding them from falling into the moving parts of the machine. The flywheel or crankshaft pulley to locate the mark made with white paint. Define a similar marking on the housing of the engine. Remove metal objects: watches, bracelet, chain, etc. shift vehicle transmission to neutral.
Wear dielectric gloves. Eliminate any contact of body parts and clothing items with moving parts of the mechanism. Start the car and let it warm up, achieving a steady idle. Loosen the bolt, preventing rotation of the distributor.
Aim the strobe light on the crankshaft pulley, the lighting mark on his body and risk to the engine. Slowly rotate the body of the distributor in a certain direction, achieving a combination of marking strokes. Stop the engine and disconnect a stroboscope. Secure housing of the distributor by tightening the retaining bolt.
Check the adjustment of the ignition dynamics, accelerate the car to 50 km/h on a horizontal road section. Sharply press the gas pedal. Knock knock, lasts no longer than two seconds, signals the positive result of your work.

Advice 4: How to check ignition coil on the "Prior"

Ignition coil is one of the most important technical components of car. Serviceable ignition coil – the key to the smooth operation of the engine of the vehicle.
Lada Priora
Unstable operation motor domestic car Lada Priora can depend on many factors, and failure of the ignition coil is one of them. To diagnose damage of the coil, usually helps the sound of the engine. If this item is out of order, the motor begins to "troit," in other words – work is not at full capacity.

Naturally, in case of breakage of the ignition coil, you should immediately contact the service center. But in the case that a breakdown occurs on the road, you can try to cope with it on their own. A minor failure is quite possible to identify and remove himself.

Fault detection

If the engine suddenly began to "troit", the first thing you should pay attention to is the appearance of the ignition coil. A sign that a part has overheated and eventually burned out, are signs of strain on her body, the cracks and irregularities on the plastic surface.

To check the ignition coil, you need to use a multimeter by switching the device into test mode resistance. After that the contacts of the multimeter is necessary to fasten to the first and third contacts details and thus learn her resistance. If the coil is OK, the meter should show a value of about 0.5 Ohm with a small tolerance.

The next stage of diagnosis of the ignition coil is to check secondary wiring this part. To perform this procedure, you must probe red to touch the springs located inside the ignition coil boot. The black probe should be connected to the second contact. If the readings are far from the values of 340 ohms, the case in this case, it is not so good – it looks like the coil burned down.

If multimeter readings are OK, then most likely the ignition coil is working, and the only thing to do is just reinforce her isolation. This will require a special heat shrink tubing (must be in stock at each driver), which must be heated and put on the coil. This procedure will help to cope with the problem of possible leakage Prior.

Better to be safe

Upon expiration of the warranty period of the ignition coil (on car Lada Priora 4 pieces, one for each cylinder), it is desirable to change on new, and if possible to a higher quality. In self-replacing ignition coils it is necessary to turn off the car's weight – so the risk of damage to the electronics is minimized.

The average resource quality ignition coil (often imported) is about one hundred thousand kilometers.

Advice 5: How to check a motorcycle ignition coil

A motorcycle ignition coil is checked by means of visual inspection and on a special stand. In case of Troubleshooting the coil you need to replace the working copy.
Check make at the special stand
Ignition coil is an integral part of the starting system of the motorcycle. The output of the coil failure may cause a no start engine. To ensure efficiency of the system startup motorcycle ignition coil should be checked regularly for defects.

Causes of breakdowns

Premature failure of ignition coil of motorcycle can have the following causes:

1. Burnout of the windings in the output of the ignition with the engine off.

2. The gap in power supply.

3. The increase in gap between spark plug electrodes.

4. The gap of isolation.

Visual inspection

Before checking the ignition coil must be removed from the motorcycle engine. Then performed a visual inspection of the coil, which allows identifying mechanical damage, traces of burns or oil stains. In case of detection of the above symptoms are the coil needs to be replaced.

Equipment to check

Check the ignition coil is on the stands, which are available at specialized service stations. This stand can be assembled from available components and conditions the garage that will allow the motorcycle owner to check the technical condition of the ignition coil yourself. The test bed includes a separate battery.

Bench check

Check the coil on the stand includes consecutive execution of the following tests:

1. To check the efficiency of the primary winding of the coil. Low-voltage coil terminals must be connected to the resistance meter that must be normalized to the value specified in maintenance documentation.

2. To check the status of the secondary winding. An ohmmeter is connected to high-voltage and low-voltage terminal of the ignition coil. If measured at PP 1-2 the resistance is not the normalized values, the coil must be replaced.

3. To check the resistance of the "masses". To do this, connect a resistance meter with one contact to the coil body and the other snap to each terminal in turn. If the resistance is less than specified value, the ignition coil must be replaced.

4. To check the coil for inductance. In case of discrepancy increased inductance specified in the documentation of value must replace the coil.

Advice 6: How to check contactless ignition for VAZ 2107

Contactless ignition system does not require special care. However, to keep clean the connecting wires is still needed. The contamination and pollution of the contacts can cause current leakage. In the end the engine will run rough or not start.
How to check contactless ignition for VAZ 2107
You will need
  • - control lamp;
  • - multimeter;
  • device check BSZ;
  • - wire.
Check plug connections on the switch and the distributor, if suddenly the car started to jerk, the engine is misfiring and the tachometer needle began moving erratically. Very often there is pollution and contamination of the contacts, causing the switch accepts all signals from the Hall sensor. Solvent washing, penetrating lubricant will help to get rid of this trouble. You can even wipe the contacts with a damp cloth.
Swipe a thorough inspection, if the car did not start. To check is best to use the emergency plug. This small blocks that mimic the operation of the Hall sensor and switch. Check the Hall sensor – is the first step. If there is no simulator, it is necessary for the high-voltage output coil to connect bronirovat with a tip and a candle.
Short the green wire to ground with the ignition on. At the time of opening needs to slip the spark plug. If the opening appears a spark, but when cranking the starter it does not, then the faulty Hall sensor or broken wire it. You can also take a test light and connect it between the 6 and 3 pin switch. At slow rotation of a crankshaft lamp gradually light up and gradually dim.
Check the switch device for diagnostics. If there is none, use the test lamp. The bulb must be power up to 3 Watts, working voltage is 12 Volts. One output of a lamp connected to ground, and the other is connected to the first output of the switch. This is the conclusion, which is the brown wire on the ignition coil. If the voltage to the coil is supplied, and with the closure of the green sensor wire to ground at the output of the coil have spark, the problem lies in the distributor.
Remove the ignition distributor cap. Carefully inspect it for damage. A crack in the housing covers may cause a large leakage current, why would lack power spark, it will not reach the electrodes of spark plugs. Inspect the contacts if they are dirty, clean them. The runner is a resistor that also can fail, it will not spark to the plugs. Check the resistor you need an ohmmeter. The resistor should be about 5 ohms. If it is significantly different from this number, something will have to change the slider rail.
Useful advice
Do not transgress on the nodes of the ignition system. Often the fault lies in the wiring. Before diagnosing check all connections for breaks.

Advice 7: How to adjust the ignition fuel injected engine

On cars with fuel-injected engine are quite common problems with ignition. Because adjustment takes time, often it is carried out only by experts, but under certain rules it can be done yourself.
How to adjust the ignition fuel injected engine
Prepare to adjust ignition. You will need to set the correct direction of the advance angle. To start unplug the vacuum headlight motor generic vacuum hose. Then, to make it easier to check the time with the ignition, connect the positive clip on the strobe light to the positive terminal located on the battery of the car.
Proceed to adjustment of the ignition in the car by switching the clip to the ground. To do this, connect it to the negative terminal. Now it is mandatory to remove the stressful the tip of high voltage wires secured in one of the cylindrical sockets on the distributor cap. Since many of the work items are under tension, be sure to wear gloves when working.
Insert as accurately as possible in the vacant cylinder under the nest sensor of your strobe, joined to the high-voltage wire on the first cylinder of the engine. Use the rubber plug for the clutch housing to adjust the vehicle necessary for the ignition time. To do this, start motor of the engine and point the flashing light flux from the strobe light on a special hatch that is located on the coupling device.
Note the small label that will give the flywheel a flashing illumination from the strobe. Visually it looks like a fixed point. In case absolutely correctly established moment of ignition of a given point on the flywheel of the engine should be in the middle of the middle division of the flywheel and its previous divisions. If it will be located in the wrong place, you will need to continue to adjust ignition timing by loosening the three screws that fix the dispenser flywheel ignition.

Advice 8: How to adjust the ignition at KAMAZ

In the diesel engine the fuel ignites, the heat of the pressure increase. Under the ignition refers to the process of installation of the injection advance angle, which depends on coordinated work of all engine cylinders.
How to adjust the ignition at KAMAZ
You will need
  • - car KAMAZ;
  • - the fuel high-pressure pump;
  • - wrench 17 mm;
  • - metal rod with a diameter of 10 mm, length 30-40 cm
Components of fuel equipment of diesel engine are instruments of high precision. Installing fuel pump (fuel pump high pressure) V-shaped type KAMAZ requires correct determination of the angle of the injection timing of diesel fuel to the working cylinder of the vehicle. Remember that even a deviation of one degree can lead to failure of the power unit and its subsequent overhaul.
Proceed to adjustment of the ignition KAMAZ, using the technology of mounting the fuel pump with a synchronous angle setting of the injection timing. Raise the car and secure it on the base rack. Turn ninety degrees and lock into special slots in the stem of a mechanical device on the body of the protective casing of the flywheel, located on the left side of the engine.
With a key of 17 mm, Unscrew the two bolts on the flywheel housing at the bottom of the car and remove the splash shield. Through the slot in the cover, insert a cone-shaped metal rod into the hole of the flywheel. Using the lever, rotate from left to right the crankshaft of the engine until, until the stock latch in the upper part completely block its further movement.
Check the position of the clutch actuator to the fuel pump in the collapse of the block of cylinders of the engine. If she turned installation scale up and align risk on the injection pump flange with the zero mark on the actuator and tighten the two mounting bolts. Otherwise, repeat the operation, raising the stopper and rotating at one revolution of engine crankshaft.
Lift the flywheel up stopper, turn it ninety degrees and insert it into a groove. Install the splash shield on the bottom of the flywheel housing. Lower the KAMAZ cabin and put her retainers in the upper position.
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