For motorcycles IZH 175 kupovini cylinders are great tuned resonators motorcycles ZID. They improve traction on the middle of the Rev range. If you wish to add traction at high rpm resonators are recommended from the tillers of SMB-2.
The carburettor install K-65И from "IZH-the Planet 5" with a 32-mm cone. To further increase power supply dual carb. If you want to make traction uniform at speeds up to 100 km/h, use the carburetor TO the-65V of the motorcycle Sunrise. Atomizer, the main fuel metering jets and needle TO deliver from-65Д. The fuel level in the float chamber do not change. Two carb-TO-65Д not greatly increase the maximum speed, but significantly increases acceleration.
As the air filter, you can use the import zero resistance. More accessible is the filter self-production. For this filter element (foam) take from the "Sunrise" and get a special oil for impregnation.
For finishing of cylinder-piston group make pistons as less as possible differed in mass and the Windows are coincident with the vent Windows cylinders do not overlap them. Remove the chamfer on the edges of the piston rings and the ends of the piston pins. The ends of the snap ring pliers, remove so they do not interfere with the fingers pistons. Take the crankshaft from the engine "Jupiter" with liquid cooling. Unreliable aluminum separators are replaced by homemade bronze bulk or needle. Cylinder head-Curling way of clipping their ends. Thereby will increase the compression ratio to 10.2:1. Its further increase will negatively affect the resource. Under heads are mounted copper strips from "Jupiter5". Adjust the ignition timing (optimal 2.0 mm Btdc), set the imported candles similar to the A-23, A-26.
All done operations to raise capacity,"Jupitera" to 35-37 BHP at 7100 rpm Maximum speed with this power should be 145-150 km/h. Installing liquid cooling, multi-channel venting, flap valves, ring plungers in the crank chambers, contactless ignition and the resonator on the intake to increase power up to 40-45 HP at 8500-9000 rpm.