You will need
  • - a set of keys;
  • - warning lamp.
Remove the valve cover. Using the crank rotate the crankshaft until the mark on the crankshaft pulley coincides with the tip of the pin on the block and the mark on the sprocket with the mark on the cylinder head.
Under the hood
Release the latch and remove the ignition distributor cap, or distributor, as it is easier to call. Remove the key on "10" the two nuts and lift the distributor. Set the slider opposite the armored wire of the first cylinder.
Put the distributor back in place and secure. Start the engine. Take the key on "12" and loosen the hexagon at the bottom of the dispenser. With the engine running, gently rotate the distributor housing, ensuring smooth operation of the motor. Tighten the nut. So exposed the ignition by ear.
Widespread installation method of the plug with a test lamp. Aligning the marks on the pulley and the pin on the block, sending the runner breaker in the direction of the terminals wire low voltage, loosen the distributor. Connect one wire of the test lamp to the terminal of the wire is low voltage and the other to ground, turn on the ignition. With one hand hold the slider in a fixed position, while the other gently turn the breaker counterclockwise until the tanning bulbs. The ignition timing is set.
The most accurate way some think setting the ignition timing on the go. Acceleration on a straight road in fourth gear, 55-60 mph and abruptly let the gas to Polycom. If the knocking stops and put the ignition at a later date. Adjust to the point where a sudden increase of gas, you will hear a light knocking 1-2.