You will need
  • - strobe;
  • - the wrench;
  • hose
First check the vacuum control of ignition timing. In the 80-ies and early 90-ies of the Ford "Transit" puts the mechanical system of the ignition control. Such designs have proved as unreliable and since the mid 90-ies started to be used unregulated automatic units with electronic control of ignition.
Regardless of the design of the distributor, its serviceability is checked using the tube that supplies vacuum. To check start the engine and warm it up to operating temperature at idle. Then, without changing the speed of the motor, disconnect the vacuum pipe from the inlet of the regulator. Then, attaching to the inlet of any pipe of soft material, use it to create a vacuum. The engine rpm should rise 100-200 rpm. This means that the vacuum controller is defective.
Checking the condition of the vacuum regulator is a very important procedure before adjusting ignition timing. Conceding this point, exhibited the ignition may be incorrect. Unfortunately, this mistake is often made by the employees of service stations. Connect the strobe to the engine so as it says in the instructions attached to it. In most cases, to mount it, connect the lead wires to the terminals on the battery, do not confuse polarity. the induction coil sensor replace the high-voltage wire of the first cylinder.
On the engine, locate the timing marks or graduated scale. Look for them on the crankshaft pulley in front of the power unit or in the window above the flywheel. Often these marks are hidden under a thick layer of dirt and rust, so will clean these places, and if necessary, touch up markers. If the engine has time to cool down, start it and warm again. Then let run at idle. The vacuum hose going to the regulator and disconnect and turn off. Lamp flash strobe aim at the timing marks or scale. When properly exposed to the ignition of the label of the crankshaft and flywheel should be aligned.
If the ignition timing is brought down, and the labels are not aligned, loosen the adjusting bolt of the distributor by removing the locknut. By rotating the distributor housing clockwise or counterclockwise, achieve full alignment marks on the crankshaft and the flywheel.
Take a short ride to check adjustments. Detonation engine is allowed only when sudden acceleration and the duration should not be more than 1 sec. If the engine feed system from the repair, detonation could appear when correctly exposed the ignition. In this case, you need to commit a half-hour trip before the accumulated carbon in the cylinders to completely burn. If after this trip the detonation persists, install a later ignition timing.