You will need
  • - car KAMAZ;
  • - the fuel high-pressure pump;
  • - wrench 17 mm;
  • - metal rod with a diameter of 10 mm, length 30-40 cm
Components of fuel equipment of diesel engine are instruments of high precision. Installing fuel pump (fuel pump high pressure) V-shaped type KAMAZ requires correct determination of the angle of the injection timing of diesel fuel to the working cylinder of the vehicle. Remember that even a deviation of one degree can lead to failure of the power unit and its subsequent overhaul.
Proceed to adjustment of the ignition KAMAZ, using the technology of mounting the fuel pump with a synchronous angle setting of the injection timing. Raise the car and secure it on the base rack. Turn ninety degrees and lock into special slots in the stem of a mechanical device on the body of the protective casing of the flywheel, located on the left side of the engine.
With a key of 17 mm, Unscrew the two bolts on the flywheel housing at the bottom of the car and remove the splash shield. Through the slot in the cover, insert a cone-shaped metal rod into the hole of the flywheel. Using the lever, rotate from left to right the crankshaft of the engine until, until the stock latch in the upper part completely block its further movement.
Check the position of the clutch actuator to the fuel pump in the collapse of the block of cylinders of the engine. If she turned installation scale up and align risk on the injection pump flange with the zero mark on the actuator and tighten the two mounting bolts. Otherwise, repeat the operation, raising the stopper and rotating at one revolution of engine crankshaft.
Lift the flywheel up stopper, turn it ninety degrees and insert it into a groove. Install the splash shield on the bottom of the flywheel housing. Lower the KAMAZ cabin and put her retainers in the upper position.